May 15, 2019

When creating the very first Well Church promotional video in 2015, my line was “A fellowship of believers.” Among this quip, there were others identifying our mission statement. Years later, The Well’s story is still strongly rooted in the belief that we are a church where all people can be found by the grace of God, filled by the power of the Holy Spirit, and free to love like Christ. The story of The Well began long before any campuses were launched or any promos shot. The same applies to ourselves. We each have a story that requires courage to speak to the masses; thankfully, Pastor Brandon’s sermon “Your Story” in our current sermon series All People equips us for just that.
He opened the sermon with our church’s foundational Scripture -John 4:1-18, which highlights how the Woman at the Well recognized her own desperation. In the next verses 28-30, we see how she drops everything for Jesus. Finally, she uses her story in verses 39-42. Pastor Brandon challenged us to use our story, and what better way to do so on Mother’s Day than to bring four Godly examples on stage?
Morgan Freeman summarized her favorite title being mom and all the love it brings. Sherry Meyers shared how the power of prayer impacted her relationship with her mother. Beth Simpson read a beautiful list of little things in her daily life that were special to her daughter, Pastor Selena. Jessica Maxwell valued how her mom encouraged her it’s okay to not be perfect and everything will be okay. Motherhood is love, prayers, the little things, and it’s going to be okay. Next, Brandon invited his mother to the stage. When Brandon was once being beat up, Mary Kay -armed with a stick- defended her son. Years later, she surrendered to and began to follow Christ, resulting in her beating the devil with a hypothetical stick since Brandon couldn’t fight back in that season of his life. His mom stood in the gap and fought for him. Motherhood summarized is this: love, prayers, the little things, it’s going to be okay, and someone fighting for you.
We further dug into the idea of “your story” with the testimony of the Bleeding Woman. Examining the Scriptures in Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-29, and Luke 8:43-45 all brought out the vital conclusion she braved lowering herself to touch just Jesus’s hem because of healing promised in Numbers 15:38-39. The woman recognized her desperation, dropped everything, and used her story to spread the gospel.
To share our story, it takes courage -like in motherhood, or the woman at the well, or the bleeding woman. Having a fellowship of believers on stage, or worshipping beside, or encompassing us during life group will help fuel the strength required to recognize our desperation, drop everything, and use our story to continue expanding the gospel to all people.

Brandon Lien - May 12, 2019

Your Story

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Morgan Weatherly

Morgan is a 5th grade school teacher who is passionate about people, reading, writing, and sprinkles on her ice cream. When she's not teaching, Morgan loves spending time with loved ones, learning about new things, and worshipping her King at church or in the car.

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