June 12, 2018

Pastor Selena brought the second sermon in our series Within. She titled the sermon, Whole. Our scripture reference, Psalm 103: 1, tells us to worship with our whole heart. Whole can defined as healthy, complete, entire or perfect. As a nurse, I have always believed that the whole body must be nurtured- the mind, body and soul. If one of those areas is disturbed, it causes stress on the other 2. I am also a “fixer.” I want to make everything whole. Today, I was reminded I need to be whole in the scriptural sense for myself before I can try and help others holistically. To be whole, I need to worship God. I need to sing praises. I need to seek His guidance and read His word. Lastly, I need to remember the blood at the cross was shed for me to be whole.
Whether we are aware of it or not, we all make if-then propositions. So for me, an if-then proposition would be, “If I can get A, B, C and D done this morning, then I will be able to get such and such done.” At this particular point in my life, I am a part of the sandwich generation- taking care of my parents and in-law as well as my husband and child. Where I go wrong is trying to make my life a balancing act. Instead, I need to remind myself to be whole. Whole will be different for each one of us as God made each one of us to be unique.
Whole, for me is starting my day with some God-time. This refreshes me and allows me to plan my day. While I am basically retired, I remain very busy. One of the hardest things for me to say is, “No.” With age, comes wisdom. I am now able to say, “No,” not feel bad about it and move on. I have learned it is better to do two or three things and do them well, than to be stretched to the max and do them half-way.
Am I whole? The struggle is real. All I can ever hope for is when I am at the foot of the cross, the Lord will look down on me and says, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Selena Freeman - June 10, 2018


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Payree Short

Payree considers herself a bit of a random person who is full of life experiences. She is a retired teacher who helped deliver a baby on her 50th birthday. She loves God, her family, friends, music, writing, and smiling.

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