March 13, 2018

Sunday's sermon focus was, “We become uneasy when we base our lives on what we can see rather than what God says.” Stress and anxiety were the biggest topics in today’s sermon. As a teacher I feel a lot of daily stress. I am always running around trying to get everything done, only to find at the end of the day my “to do” list is just as long as it was at the beginning of the day. While I felt like my daily tasks were creating stress and anxiety, today’s definition of anxiety told me otherwise. Stress and anxiety are two separate things.

It was explained today anxiety happens as a reaction to stress and an uncertain outcome. The main point which impacted me today was when Pastor Selena pointed out anxiety occurs when I am trying to do something God has not asked me to do or I am trying to do something on my own. I have been chosen, appointed, and equipped by God. If I follow His plan and ask for what I need, He will provide.

I was raised by two amazing parents. I remember being told all the time if you do the hard work and it comes down to the line, trust in God and He will be there for you. I used to get horrible anxiety when playing the piano in front of people. My anxiety only happened when I had not put in the work beforehand, and, I would ultimately fail. But when I had done the work I was supposed to and I gave it to God, I would always perform well. I will leave you with one thought that my parents have taught me…

Do your best and God will do the rest.

Selena Freeman - March 11, 2018


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Jenny Hopkins

Jenny is a K-12 music teacher in Macks Creek, MO. She is learning American Sign Language and French and has a dog named Sven who is a great walking partner. Jenny loves traveling and wants to be able to communicate wherever she goes.

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