August 29, 2019

We’ve been talking about “The Road”, and what a road it was on Sunday! It’s hard to get past the discussion on the “Aurora Project.” What an interesting and amazing journey we are going to be a part of! Our new journey includes a new church plant and a new technology director. The Lord does provide greater things than we can ever imagine.
But I digress; Pastor Selena spoke about how we must “choose” the road and walk in God’s way, a place of safety and a place of joy. We should have and feel a sense of joy and peace others don’t have. This is a result of our relationship with God, and He will show you the way He has for you.
When you come, ask, hear, and obey. Living in relationship and obedience to Christ is walking in the way. What do you do when you are traveling somewhere you’ve never been before? You would ask directions; and if you ask, you must listen and follow those directions; otherwise you won’t end up at your planned destination. Equally important, you must eliminate distractions. This will prevent you from getting lost or taking longer to reach your destination.
Pastor Selena spoke from Isaiah Chapter 30. She talked of how our ears will hear the Lord’s direction and we will know which way to go; the Lord waits for us to come to Him (free will), and He will be gracious if we ask for help.
All He asks is we come to him and wait for His help, otherwise, we will go in the wrong direction.
When was the last time God heard your cry? Pastor Selena mentioned that we will hear Him through our pain and suffering. When we are comfortable, we seldom turn to God for help. I can relate, as it seems my calls to God always begin with problems I’ve encountered. God doesn’t want us just to contact him in those situations, He’s always available!
Our blessings may look different from each other, but we have one thing in common: The Lord provides to us all exactly what we need. Believe it!

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Joe Maxwell

Joe and his wife Susan live in Marshfield along with their daughter Caroline who attends Marshfield High School; they also have two adult children, Brendan (wife Jesica, son Silas), and Kellan (wife Hannah). Joe is a manager at Jack Henry & Associates, and enjoys baseball, genealogy, and walking in his spare time. His favorite bible verse is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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