May 1, 2019

My name is Taylor Short, and I am the guest blogger this week because Brandon's sermon spoke to me. I am usually assisting behind the scenes of the blog.
I love Art! There is so much to experience with Art. At an early age it was important to color between the lines, experience painting with watercolors, and modeling something from clay. There is something for everyone to enjoy with Art. Painting is always fun for me whether it’s on a canvas, a playground, a fence, or a home project. Painting can also apply to our mind and our heart in terms of the color and brush strokes used to paint our vision, views, and beliefs. Sometimes our paintings will become distorted.

As Pastor Brandon stated, we are guilty of painting pictures with little information based on lies someone started, judging before knowing people, and questioning our personal identities.

I am so guilty of this and I have done this for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I would paint pictures of what my teachers expected from me because I was different. I had a learning disability. I did the same with my friends. In middle school when I started having seizures, I would question God and paint pictures of why me? What did I do to deserve this? Will my friends treat me differently?
The pictures I paint today are pictures that we all have painted at some point in our lives. Being 28 and not having a full-time job paints a gloomy picture. There have been many times I was starting to paint a new picture, only to have the canvas wiped clean. How am I to make a difference when I cannot complete my picture? This incomplete picture has painted me into a world of anger at God at times and led me into a state of depression.
It is hard to paint a bright picture when my self-esteem is low, and I must depend on my family to drive me places and I must always initiate a conversation with old friends.
I have even painted pictures questioning God's love for me. If He loves me so much, then why do windows of opportunity close? Why do people I love move away? When will God lead me to the place, he has for me? The picture I paint that everyone sees is many times different than the one in my heart.
Today, Pastor Brandon reminded us all we need is to be obedient to God’s call. What does that mean for me? It means that my painted picture must contain brush strokes that are enriched with God’s love and the support of my church family.
They say a picture paints a thousand words. I continue to add (brush strokes) but I will not let the enemy take my paintbrush away.
What I would leave you with is that as Pastor Brandon pointed out in the sermon is that many canvases (People) are not what they appear to be from the outside in. We need to look at our lives from the inside out and we need to look at others in the same way.


Brandon Lien - April 28, 2019

The Pictures We Paint

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Payree Short

Payree considers herself a bit of a random person who is full of life experiences. She is a retired teacher who helped deliver a baby on her 50th birthday. She loves God, her family, friends, music, writing, and smiling.

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