September 11, 2018

Every Sunday before worship service, I tag myself on The Well’s Face book page. My comment is always the same- Filling up! My intent behind this statement is to let others know I literally come to The Well for the water- quenching my thirst for God’s word. Many younger attendees will not remember going to a well, using a frayed rope and pulley to lower the bucket down the well until it reaches water and then pulling the bucket upwards filled with the coldest, best tasting water ever. We went as far as to use a communal dipper to share that wonderful, thirst quenching water with those who needed a drink.
This past Sunday I posted my usual phrase, went into worship where there was no formal sermon for the day and was filled with more water than I could ever imagine. It was announced the church had acquired a new property and we will begin filling up another campus in north Springfield. Our sermon series, “We’re In This Together,” is so fitting to my personal statement of filling up. This past week I added another phrase- and we are full up at the 10:00 service!! There literally was not an extra seat. We were close together – full up.
Our scripture passage was from Deuteronomy with the key point being we should not be like the Israelites who were fearful to proceed into the unknown land. If our eyes are on God and he is our Leader, we should not fear what is in front of us. This is known as that “leap of faith” we all take when we become one of His family. It should be noted the past is important, too. If we look at the past history of The Well, there were 15 who started this new church and now we are up to 500. Looking forward, how many will join us for that precious water- the water than truly quenches our thirst for eternity. Will that be you? We are always there with the communal dipper of the best tasting water ever!
I hope you see you at the Well.

Pastor Dylan and Pastor Selena - September 9, 2018

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Payree Short

Payree considers herself a bit of a random person who is full of life experiences. She is a retired teacher who helped deliver a baby on her 50th birthday. She loves God, her family, friends, music, writing, and smiling.

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