April 10, 2018

This week at The Well we started a new sermon series called “Re-Fund: For Today. For Tomorrow. For All.” In this series, we will be discussing the future goals and plans God is showing the church to further The Well. Pastor Selena introduced the church staff and asked them to describe how they came to their current leadership positions. Pastor Dylan closed the service by reminding the congregation that God has done miraculous things by planting this church, and by continuous growth, God will continue to take us to the next step- a massive breakthrough in serving more people.

This sermon was very touching for me - it got me really thinking about where I used to be before The Well. I have attended church my entire life, but my family never settled down at one church for longer than a year. I knew I believed in God, but what I didn’t understand is just how much more there is to Christianity than “believing in God.”

When I first started coming to The Well, I was shy, quiet and only knew the people who invited me. I had a huge passion for worship, but I never did anything about it. It’s crazy to look back on how I used to be, and where I am now. I currently am a member of 3 different worship teams at church and love every second of it!

When I first joined the youth group, there were various meeting places. We met at the Freeman’s pool, the fairgrounds and the Lion’s Club. When The Well was established, I followed Clayton Cottle to Springfield where we met at a pizza place. There were 3 of us in Springfield, while the remaining youth stayed with Paige Moles at the Lion’s Club. When we moved to our new building, the youth merged. Wonderful changes have occurred since that time. Where we used to watch worship videos, we now have our own worship team and band that plays every Wednesday!

It has truly been a wild ride. This church is where I was baptized. I started following God’s call on my life, joined the church and became a leader in worship.

I hope when you read this part of my story you will reflect on your own journey at The Well. More importantly, I hope you start or continue your journey of living a life fully surrendering to God.

Pastor Dylan and Pastor Selena - April 8, 2018

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Hannah Robinson

Hannah is a Senior at Marshfield High School and is currently a member of the worship team at The Well. She loves music and writing, and when she’s not at church, you can find her watching The Office!

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