March 20, 2018

The final sermon in our March Madness Series was titled “Mad Money.” Yes, one cannot attend church on a regular basis without hearing the “T” word, tithe. Tithing is not a new concept for me- giving 10 percent back to God. Tithing is an Old Testament teaching in which on the first day of the week, Sunday, people were to give their 10 percent faithfully back to the church before any other money related transactions took place.

I was surprised to learn of all the topics Jesus spoke to, he spoke most about money and possessions. I was kindly reminded all I have comes from God- my family, my job and my possessions. Without Him, I would have nothing. So why does it become difficult for us to justify giving or tithing back to our church?

Pastor Dylan used an acronym T.R.U.S.T- We must TRUST God with our money.
T.ithe – Setting aside 10 percent to give back to the Lord to further His Kingdom.

R.eject it at times. - It’s not bad to enjoy money and the things it buys, but we must not be dominated by it. Our true treasures are in heaven.

U.tilize – We must utilize what we have worked hard for. There is no sin in working hard. The sin is when work becomes our life. We also need to watch for “Get rich schemes.”

S.hare – God loves a cheerful giver. Give when no one else is watching.

T.ake a breather- Kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

My life experiences have allowed me to be in a variety of homes- storage buildings to million dollar
mansions. I have met wonderful people at both ends of the spectrum. I have seen them pass on to heaven and I have watched how their families act and react when it comes time to divide up the earthly possessions. Many times it is not pretty.

I will never be on the Forbes List, but I have enough. I was taught to work hard, give back and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Don’t let the world tell you what you need, listen to your heart, and God will give you what you need.

Dylan Robinson - March 18, 2018

Mad Money

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Payree Short

Payree considers herself a bit of a random person who is full of life experiences. She is a retired teacher who helped deliver a baby on her 50th birthday. She loves God, her family, friends, music, writing, and smiling.

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