January 23, 2019

In Jeremiah 29:12-13, we are told that if we seek the Lord wholeheartedly, we will find Him, but we must know how to listen for His voice. To do this, we must hear, determine, and embrace it.

Using the story of Samuel being called out by God in 1 Samuel 3:1-10, Pastor Selena went through the three sermon points by first saying we must make time and space for silence in our lives. Without silence, there is no way we can hear the small whisper of the Lord (1 Kings 19:11-13). I tend to fill all silence with something: an audiobook, podcast, music, TV, or scrolling through social media. Doing those things helps pass the time and can feel like productive multitasking, like listening to an audiobook while folding laundry! However, if I am constantly consuming entertainment and media, I leave little room for the Lord to speak to me.

Often when we create silence long enough to hear the voice of God, we also hear another voice – a voice that comes from fear and brings chaos, compromise, comparison, and confusion. As someone who tends to lean towards anxious thoughts, this was huge for me. The voice of the Lord is love. His voice comforts us, speaks with care, and offers clarity, confirmation, and courage. The voice we choose to focus on becomes our identity. I know which one I want to identify with!

Finally, we must embrace God’s voice, which means to obey what He says! Pastor Selena challenged us by saying many of us do hear God’s voice, we just refuse to obey. Ouch! Obedience is hard because we like plans and details, and God tends to just give us a glimpse of the next thing He wants us to do. But he does this because He calls us to have faith, and facts do not require any faith.

God is speaking, are you listening?

Selena Freeman - January 20, 2019


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Austyn McAnarney

Austyn is a literature and creative writing student at Missouri State. If she’s not chasing her toddler around, you can find her with a good book and something warm to drink.

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