November 28, 2018

As the first post-Thanksgiving Sunday, it’s easy to picture remaining pieces of food from previous meals when Pastor Dylan preached the stand-alone sermon, The Leftovers. His message centered on Biblical passages along with the main focus, “We must stop living on ‘Spiritual Leftovers’ in order to experience God’s best for our lives.”
Pastor Dylan’s first point talked about the difference between the sacrificial giving of two brothers, Cain and Abel. Genesis 4:3-9 told Cain gave “some crops”, while Abel gave the best portion of crops to God. Next, we looked in Malachi 1:12-14 for the reminder to have a healthy fear of God. When we are serving the Lord, we are to be in awe of the Holy Spirit’s presence, not what people are present. In 2 Samuel 24: 18-25 an example of sacrificial giving for the Lord was told when King David had the right to a parcel of land but rather than using it for his personal use, he insisted on paying for it to build God’s altar. Continuous Biblical examples were laid out in Pastor Dylan’s sermon on how to either give God everything or only the remnants, but it’s the application to one’s own life that is the take away from this sermon on leftovers.
God has given me everything and the least I can do is make God even more of a priority. And that was the thought that pushed me to leave my comfy seat and venture to the altar. Altars were used in the Old Testament times for animal sacrifice in atonement for one’s sins. Jesus came and died on a cross to rid of the physical sacrifice, but the significant symbolism still rests on the wooden altars.
I laid out my agenda, sacrificing the routine that has been working best for me, but not for the Kingdom as of late. To give God everything, I need to be like Cain and sacrifice my best and first fruits. Keeping humble and fearing the Lord is next. I also need to be ready to pay for tribute to Lord as did King David.
When every congregant in a body of believers gives God their first and best, unstoppable acts of grace will floodgate their ministries. Spoon feeding season is over; Sundays can’t be our only source of Spiritual Food , otherwise we will impeccably match up to the church Paul describes in 1 Corinthians 3:1-3. God wants us to live our best lives; thus, He deserves our best and that requires sacrificing our flesh for the Holy Spirit’s awesome power. We do not serve a leftover God and He will not give us leftover results when we commit to Him.

Dylan Robinson - November 25, 2018

The Leftovers

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Morgan Weatherly

Morgan is a 5th grade school teacher who is passionate about people, reading, writing, and sprinkles on her ice cream. When she's not teaching, Morgan loves spending time with loved ones, learning about new things, and worshipping her King at church or in the car.

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