May 30, 2018

Rise Up

Pastor Dylan wrapped up our sermon series, “Rise Up,” with a final message titled “It’s Time.” The theme, Jeremiah 1:5, has opened the discussion on the importance of what it means to hear the calling God has placed on our hearts. His calling challenges us to rise up and expand the Kingdom of God. Romans 7:15 states, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate, I do.

I kept hearing this verse over and over again in my head as Pastor Dylan was preaching this morning. He spoke about even though we try to live for the Lord as best we can; the enemy will find a way to attack us making us feel unworthy - unworthy to lead, unworthy to be strong, and unworthy to simply be who the Lord created us to be.

In all of our lives, maybe only once and sometimes in every season, we are faced with the question which determines our entire relationship with God. Will we choose to run to Him when we experience times of trouble, or will we run to the things of this earth? This question has been on my mind a lot lately.

Within this past season, I have been faced with many challenging obstacles. I recently graduated high school. My mom moved into a new home 45 minutes from our old town. Soon I will be attending college and will be forced to say goodbye to many friends who will not stay close to this area. It has always been hard for me to adjust to change. So I have especially been desperate for the Lord’s comfort and guidance.

I’ve been faced with many new situations I never had to worry about before. I’ve come face to face with the brutal reality of how hard it really can be not to fall to earthly issues when times get tough. Through this sermon series, the Lord has reassured me of so many truths I started to forget. The most important, being this: Our salvation stories do not end when we accept the Lord as our Savior; that is only the beginning. Our lives are a constant surrender to the Lord.
When things get most difficult, I have to rise up to the challenge and understand our God is the only thing/person who will take us where we need to go
“There is a time to listen, and there is a time to rise up.”

Dylan Robinson - May 27, 2018

It's Time

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Hannah Robinson

Hannah is a Senior at Marshfield High School and is currently a member of the worship team at The Well. She loves music and writing, and when she’s not at church, you can find her watching The Office!

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