March 13, 2019

I entered Downtown’s campus with a mix of emotions this morning. Realizing and accepting The Well will be one church in two locations with the launch of the North campus next week, the flesh part of myself still wants everything to stay the same. Stay safe. Stay here. Although that thought is fleeting, it’s probably the most anti-gospel one. There are too many lost, broken, and hurting people who don’t know God’s love to stay put.

Today kicked off a both a launching season and a new sermon series called Enlarge. All three Well pastors took the stage and answered the same questions with their unique personal experiences and faith journeys during this interview-like sermon, “I’m Sending You”. Pastor Selena focused the sermon: “As followers of Jesus Christ, we have been saved, set apart, and sent to present God’s offer of sin forgiveness, a place in the family, and real living.”

What does it mean to be “sent”? For Pastor Dylan, it’s accepting the call to pursue full-time evangelism. He and his wife, Madi, plan to travel where God leads, spreading the Good News of Jesus to all. Pastor Dylan’s life verse, Romans 10:15 impeccably encapsulates this goal.

To be “sent” for Pastor Brandon, it’s stepping into more leadership. A year ago, he planned to minister through Redemption, which he has; now God is also having Pastor Brandon stretch to the pulpit weekly. Pastor Brandon clinging to Isaiah 1:17 propels him to keep going with both Redemption Ministry and preaching on Sundays.

Pastor Selena shared her life-verse of Ephesians 4:1 and how God is challenging her to step into pastoring The Well more in the foreground. She shared, to be “sent” for her, it’s seeking God’s approval over men for this leap of faith that will continue to push her to live a life worthy of her ministry calling.

With each testimony, I was reminded God can use anybody. Each pastor urged the congregation to know being sent is for every Christ-follower as laid out in Acts 26:18. There are corners of the globe that will only have light shed upon the sin and darkness because of one person’s unique testimony. Through the consistent sharing of life verses from both pastors and Well staff, I pray those in the seats beside me were just as fired to cling more soundly to the words God has given them previously or find their life verse if they haven’t already.

I left the Downtown campus encouraged and empowered. Pastor Selena reminded us being found and filled, being saved and set apart -it means nothing if we don’t take it beyond the four walls of the church. We’re all being sent! The word sent means: “cause to go to a particular destination.” So, with purpose and with intention, march to work, to school, to loved ones, to strangers spreading the good news of the gospel, with the hope of Jesus Christ. And extending an invitation for them to join us in worshipping God at The Well as we continue to enlarge the Kingdom. And then, it’ll repeat; the cycle of being found, filled, and freed.

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Morgan Weatherly

Morgan is a 5th grade school teacher who is passionate about people, reading, writing, and sprinkles on her ice cream. When she's not teaching, Morgan loves spending time with loved ones, learning about new things, and worshipping her King at church or in the car.

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