August 14, 2018

We continued with our “You are Blessed” series. This series follows the scripture reading of Mathew 5: 1-12 – the Beatitudes. Today’s sermon focused on Matthew 5:5, the blessing of being meek and humble. For most of us, we think of blessings as things we have acquired. The Bible talks about blessings related to happiness, regardless of the circumstance, good or bad.
As I was listening to Pastor Dylan’s sermon, I was reminded that we are blessed on the inside by having the Son of God in our life. Pastor Dylan also used the phrase, “humble and hungry.” I must be humble before God to be hungry for what He has for me. What does HE want for me? I was reminded of fasting and the purpose of fasting. Fasting for a biblical purpose allows us to focus on God’s purpose rather than focusing to my purpose. It is through fasting, you begin to see God in a whole new way. Focusing on God removes the distractions and the worries. When you humble yourself before God, you become hungry for the things of God.

Verse 5: God blesses those that are humble, for they will inherit the earth. Do I desire to do what God wants? Or do I desire, in my smallest moments, to continue control things? Do I turn to other things, whatever they might be, rather than going to Him alone?

Verse 6: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, as they will be satisfied. God will satisfy the needs I have! He will determine the ones that are important, not me. Am I in sync with Gods view of what is important and what is right?

That’s what I am striving for!!

Dylan Robinson - August 12, 2018

Humble & Hungry

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Joe Maxwell

Joe and his wife Susan live in Marshfield along with their daughter Caroline who attends Marshfield High School; they also have two adult children, Brendan (wife Jesica, son Silas), and Kellan (wife Hannah). Joe is a manager at Jack Henry & Associates, and enjoys baseball, genealogy, and walking in his spare time. His favorite bible verse is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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