September 26, 2018

This Sunday’s sermon was about connecting with God and how connecting with God has many parts. It first starts with ourselves and us depending on God. When we depend on God, we need to connect to His power and His purpose.

Pastor Selena connected this to the story of Isaac and his two sons, Jacob and Esau. She explained how Esau gave up his birthright for a bowl of soup. This made me think about how we give up our “birthright” from God for things of this earth. I know I have done this before in my own life. I’ve fallen into sin despite knowing God.

One thing Pastor Selena shared that really resonated with me was this: "When you become overwhelmed in life, it is likely that one of two things is happening: You’re trying to do something that God hasn’t called you to OR you’re trying to do something God has called you to do but in your own power."

It reminded me that not only should we depend on His power, but make sure we are also living into His purpose. Things in our lives go much smoother when we are relying on both God’s power AND purpose. The good thing is even when we are only depending on half of what God has offered us, he is still standing with us.

Pastor Selena also talked about when Jacob struggled with an angel. He wouldn’t give up fighting with the angel until he was blessed. Then when Jacob did get his blessing he was never again the same. That is how it is when we are touched by God as well - we should never be the same again! What a wonderful thing that is!

So, are you connecting with God the way God has intended for you?

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Jenny Hopkins

Jenny is a K-12 music teacher in Macks Creek, MO. She is learning American Sign Language and French and has a dog named Sven who is a great walking partner. Jenny loves traveling and wants to be able to communicate wherever she goes.

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