August 22, 2019

Disclaimer: This not a part of the sermon, but for those who are in Springfield traffic, there have been multiple detours and road closings creating frustration on my part. All the closures and detours have been announced well in advance, and while I know other ways to get myself from Point A to Point B, I still find myself frustrated. I also love AC/DC and Led Zeppelin.
Pastor Dylan’s sermon really spoke to my heart today. The sermon focus was, “Highway to Holiness.” This highway will be a safe road, a place of joy. But this is highway is one of personal choice. Even though I have chosen to travel this road (of Christianity) alone, I am being watched by many, and my traveling/actions are being judged by many. Choosing to follow Christ requires extreme focus and motivation on my part. I cannot fall to distractions. It’s a hard road to travel.
The past few weeks have been busy ones for me as my family squeezed in a week-long vacation, and I prepared multiple days before we left, and a couple days upon return, to be ready for the class I teach at OTC. If you put the “real” highway issues in the picture, my life has been a stressful, crazy mess. Today, I was reminded the only highway I really need to be concerned with is the “Highway of Holiness – God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” My highway should be focused on the spiritual and not on the structural. So, when Pastor Dylan talked about the detours, U-turns, road-closings, etc. I had a real “Eureka” moment. This past month the real detours were not traffic ones, but detours regarding my life as a Christian. It became apparent to me I needed to be practicing what I am preaching which is really living a Christ-like life – letting Christ shine through my words and actions
Matthew 7: 13-14 talks about entering a narrow gate only to find a narrow and difficult road to follow – following the path of Christ. Conversely there are broad gates with multiple lanes – the road that will take you to Hell. For AC/DC fans, we all know about the “Highway to Hell” – it is a one-way street. Whereas the narrow difficult road will lead us to heaven. If we keep our eye on the Father, He will lead us through all our struggles and if we open out hearts, we will be able to help others struggling with their daily lives to help shepherd them through the narrow gate and down the narrow road that will lead us to Heaven.
There are many illustrations out there showing Led Zeppelin’s “Highway to Heaven.” The stairway is narrow and curvy. This stairway has no bannister but is edged with flowers of beauty. This stairway has no architectural supports, yet it is structurally sound as it ascends to heaven. This stairway is special; God has built it for us. If we trust Him, while our ascent may be full of curves, and at times we get close to the edge, He will be there to help us on our destination- Heaven!

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Payree Short

Payree considers herself a bit of a random person who is full of life experiences. She is a retired teacher who helped deliver a baby on her 50th birthday. She loves God, her family, friends, music, writing, and smiling. 

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