June 26, 2018

As Pastor Dylan wrapped up our Within sermon series this morning, he started out with an revolutionizing thought, “What we consume our time with, is what we treasure most- His treasures are not about the temporary, they are about the eternal.”

When I was younger, I remember hiding all my knick-knacks, presents, notes and prized possessions creating my own hidden treasure. Those material items have gathered over the years into a trunk of irreplaceable memories that mean so much to me. Losing them would be overwhelmingly devastating.

The focus of our Sunday morning treasure hunt was, “The more we learn to treasure God, the less we desire to store our treasures here on earth and allow for more treasures to be stored in Heaven.” God has the most joyous and beautiful gifts waiting for us in Heaven. Matthew 13: 44-46 tells the story of the man who had found a buried, hidden treasure and how he sold everything just to buy the lot with the riches upon it.

Those riches are a metaphor representing the Kingdom of Heaven! Am I willing to give up all that I have for a place in the Kingdom? Matthew 6:19-24 states, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (ESV) Based on what I treasure now, how much would I be rewarded in Heaven? These passages remind me to truly reflect on what I am giving attention to in my life. I struggle most days with the temptation of lazy hobbies instead of reading my Bible or praying to God. Disciplining yourself can be one of the hardest tasks in surrendering your life to Jesus Christ, yet these messages and passages reminded me of the great gifts waiting and encouraged me to work hard for a spot in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Pastor Dylan’s wise words stir within me, “Satan does not tempt us with the goods we are not intrigued by. Once he takes out our light for the Lord we have no idea where we are going or what we could run into.”
The true hidden treasure in life is the Love of God. “But Godliness with contentment is great gain,” 1 Timothy 6: 6-10. God blesses those who are a blessing to other people. You don’t just live for today- you live for eternity. Focusing on God is the key to living contently with your hidden treasures. In my life, I know I can work harder to be a better blessing by being a good steward of my life, taking time out of every day to read and spread His word, using my characteristics and talents to be more like Him, being content with my true treasures, and many more ways unique to everyone. Let us be mindful of what we treasure and be reminded that God is always within us.

Dylan Robinson - June 24, 2018

Hidden Treasure

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Katelynn Wilson

Katelynn is a quirky cat lover, catch phrase creator, and currently a Speech and Theatre Education major at Missouri State University. She has a new found passion for Jesus Christ and hasn’t hesitated to share it with the world!

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