April 11, 2019

“Even if not, He is still good.” This quip is based off Daniel 3:18 and became my mantra in a season of sickness last year. During Pastor Selena’s message today entitled “God Is Only Good,” I was brought back to reminisce that season and give Him praise. Our new sermon series, “Torn” will take us through the Easter season as we look at the various ways how we are torn without Jesus Christ. Today’s focus: Torn in Creation.

God created everything and it was good, but then, sin entered and tore us from being close to God. To bridge the gap, Jesus came. Now the choice of choosing God or sin is left up to everyone. God, sin, Jesus, choice.

Choice is a magnificent testament of God ‘s love. Easily, He could have made us robots that automatically adore Him, but He gave us freedom. However, if we do not choose Him, evil enters. Evil is a mystery, as declared in the Bible, but there are a few factors we know for certain about it. There is an Evil One, but he’s defeated! Although evil is currently present, it’s temporary. Just this past week whilst teaching social studies to my 5th graders, there was mention of a temporary alliance; when I asked my students what that meant, they impeccably described temporary’s definition: a short piece or limited amount of time. How reassuring it is to know that evil -all the heartache, pain, and sin- is existing with an expiration date!

With evil infiltrating our world, we must cling to the truth that God is only good. Evidence of His goodness was in the following: God’s Nature Is Only Good with 1 John 1:15 backing up that declaration. God’s Creation Is Only Good; it was revealed that Adam and Eve being sent out of the Garden in Genesis 3:22-24 was a great mercy; otherwise, they would have lived forever in brokenness. By leaving the Garden, their bodies would decay, and with death, new life in Christ! James 1:13-15 reaffirms a third point: God’s Motives Are Good. His intentions can be defined as good because we don’t have to choose what course He set out for us. Lastly, we know God is only good because God’s Gifts Are Good. In James 1:7 and Matthew 7:9-11, we see how gracious and generous He is to us.

From examples in daily life to declarations in The Word, I do believe in the goodness of God. I believe, because I see it every day. I see His goodness in all the new life the spring season represents; every green leaf dotting trees, every flower in bloom, and every church planting a new location because of growth. I see the goodness of God on every page of my Bible, even the parts that are grotesque or confusing to my human understanding, because God has a beautiful, good plan for each of us to choose. Even if my plans aren’t executed to my liking, even if includes temporary pain I know that my God is only, ever, always good.

Selena Freeman - April 7, 2019

God is Only Good

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Morgan Weatherly

Morgan is a 5th grade school teacher who is passionate about people, reading, writing, and sprinkles on her ice cream. When she's not teaching, Morgan loves spending time with loved ones, learning about new things, and worshipping her King at church or in the car.

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