March 3, 2020

Sometimes vows are spoken, and we forget they carry meaning with them. For richer or poorer is a phrase often overlooked and only viewed as an afterthought. We are supposed to trust God in all areas of our lives, but finances seem to be the hardest place to give up control. So often, marriages are broken up or drastically hurt due to financial strain. We forget God has a plan for every part of our lives including our finances.
“What if marriage isn’t to make us happy but rather make us holy?”-Pastor Salena
Our marriage should be a tribute to God including our finances. Once we realize God is in control of everything, He has provided us with, giving up control will be an easier task. We are to seek God by seeking His kingdom above all else including, but not limited to, our marriages. We must live for God by living righteously.
“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given unto you as well.” Matthew 6:33

Selena Freeman - February 16, 2020

For Better Or Worse | For Richer Or Poorer

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Aubrey Ausler

My name is Aubrey Ausler. I have 4 lovely teenagers and a dog named Frog! I get to teach kinder babies every day and most days love my job. I love to read and write and see the sunshine. I am in love with words! I am a child of God who is growing and learning every single day!

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