May 15, 2018

It was Mother’s Day at the Well. Our service started with a poignant video of our mothers, young and old, speaking of their children, expressing their concerns about how good of a mother they are to their kids. They shared the ups and downs of motherhood. There was continuing theme among the mothers, “Will my kids know how much I love them?” The video continues with their children sharing their thoughts on their mothers. It was unanimous- they all love their moms! Time passes so quickly for the parents of these young one.

Pastor Selena’s sermon started with the phrase “rising up”, and how mothers “rise up” to any circumstance or occasion. She challenged me to “rise up.” Our scripture re-visited Jeremiah 1:5, with the emphasis that while God knows me intimately, I have to embrace the process to get where I am supposed to go. How hard is that? It can be very hard at times, speaking from personal experience. Just the patience to stay in the race can be difficult. Pastor Selena took us to Corinthians 5:14-19, paraphrasing that “Christ’s love compels us”. We must be compelled to “Rise Up.” This statement caused me to think about myself. Am I compelled by Christ’s great love for me?

Do I understand as a believer I am an ambassador to others that don’t know him?

Conviction, compassion, and commitment- these three compelling verbs are necessary to stay in the journey God has for me. Do I believe that nothing can separate me from God’s love for me? I want to think I do, though at times, it can waver.

Our kids know what we are committed to. It’s the order of the commitment that is so vital. So, what is the right order? It must be God first, and everything falls into place after that. So the questions become: How is God’s love compelling me? What is His love doing for me, and to me? Do I have my priorities in order, or more specifically, in God’s order? Am I allowing the process to work?

There have been times when I think I am ready for something, but God is saying, “Not yet.” It is at this point where keeping the faith can be difficult. Waiting creates a lot of internal questions and ultimately I need to let God show me where He needs me to go. It is during this wait, I must be compelled to “Rise Up’ and follow God’s plan for me.

Selena Freeman - May 13, 2018


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Joe Maxwell

Joe and his wife Susan live in Marshfield along with their daughter Caroline who attends Marshfield High School; they also have two adult children, Brendan (wife Jesica, son Silas), and Kellan (wife Hannah). Joe is a manager at Jack Henry & Associates, and enjoys baseball, genealogy, and walking in his spare time. His favorite bible verse is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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