October 16, 2018

This past Sunday, Dylan concluded his series titled “Home Run Life” by describing how we can “win results” for the Kingdom of God. To win results at the community base, your purpose must be in your creator, not your career. What does this mean?

I often times think we forget no matter where we are, in church or outside of church, God is in the midst of everything. The things you do when you’re home alone, when you’re with your friends at a restaurant, or when you’re at your workplace are all seen by God. We are not only seen by God, He is in our midst constantly.

Listening to Pastor Dylan preach on this subject made me question my own life. When I’m at work, do I show the love of God in my life by my attitude and the way I handle authority? To be honest, I don’t think I can say yes to that question. There are times when I’m strong in my identity, of course, but it’s when I’m having a really rough day I tend to have a negative response to everything. Why does that happen so easily when I’m outside of the church? Yet when I’m up on stage worshipping, I feel God’s spirit flood through me and break down every negative thought Satan throws at me!

It’s so much easier to allow worry to enter your mind rather than thoughts of hope and faith. It’s hard to look at the big picture whenever every little thing around you doesn’t seem to be going right

Psalms 20: 6-8 states, “Those nations will fall down and collapse, but we will rise and stand firm.”
We can’t allow ourselves to only connect with God whenever His presence is obvious. He is everywhere and within everything. We will never show unbelievers the true saving grace of God if we can’t even keep a smile on our faces when we have to stay at work a few minutes later. God calls us to be strong courageous leaders on earth so we can live out our calling of doing whatever we can to bring the lost to the Provider.

Think about those people you’ve been praying for who would find the Lord for years now. Do you think they’ll get any closer to his Presence by seeing the way you act when you’re spiritually weak? It’s not meant to be easy; we are created to depend on our Father. Spend time in His presence always, and the change will be inevitable.

Each day is God’s gift. He plants new mercies every day, and His promises still stand though eternity.

Dylan Robinson - October 14, 2018

3rd Base - How To Win Results

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Hannah Robinson

Hannah is a Senior at Marshfield High School and is currently a member of the worship team at The Well. She loves music and writing, and when she’s not at church, you can find her watching The Office!

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