October 9, 2018

There’s a trend of independence in my generation. Accomplishing tasks on your own or only doing what’s best for you are slogans young people embrace. In our current “Home Run Life” sermon series, this Sunday we’re on second base - the community base. Second base is about defying society’s selfishness and is all about winning together. Pastor Dylan presented four principles to help one win the community base: Value others more than yourself, give more than you take, forgive what you can’t forget, let God change people.

Valuing others more than my own self is embracing relationships with the Love Triangle. God, you, and the other person are each on a point of a triangle; the closer you get to God, the closer you and the other person grow together. I love this! The more I love my family, friends, and students, the more they are exposed to God’s love -that’s a definite win.

Giving more than taking, with the right heart, is vital to showing others who God is. Pastor Dylan reminded the congregation your heart needs to be in the right place when being generous and not make giving be your identity when you take too much pride in it. Reading Proverbs 11:24-25 helps solidify the generous idea.

Forgive what you can’t forget struck a chord with every person listening, I bet we have all experienced pain. “Pain is pain,” established Pastor Dylan, but he also encouraged us to, “Keep short accounts -forget easily, and forgive what you can’t forget.” It’s so much easier said than done, but I’m grateful God left us Ephesians 4:31-32 to help us let go of the hurt or bitterness.

Letting God change people was the most challenging point Pastor Dylan had on this sermon. I have friends, family, and students who are not Believers. It’s heartbreaking after years and years of ministry, tears, and prayers, they continue to stray from God. What am I doing wrong? What else can I say? The questions sprouted in doubt are answered with Matthew 5:16. I simply need to keep on loving the lost, letting my light shine.

There’s a trend of independence in my generation, but the Word defies that movement. We can connect with God and win within through our character. Unfortunately, it won’t mean anything if we can’t live out those principles and work together to expand the Kingdom as a community. Even in the word “community”, there’s “unity” tucked in there; reminding us to be one team with one purpose of loving God’s people. Individually, each principle of how to win together will accomplish good things. It’s when you combine and apply the valuing of others, giving, forgiving, and letting God be God we will truly take the community base in a Home Run Life!

Dylan Robinson - October 7, 2018

2nd Base - Winning With Others

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Morgan Weatherly

Morgan is a 5th grade school teacher who is passionate about people, reading, writing, and sprinkles on her ice cream. When she's not teaching, Morgan loves spending time with loved ones, learning about new things, and worshipping her King at church or in the car.

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