October 2, 2018

My worship experience started with the praise song for today- “Fight My Battles.” Wow! This was such a powerful way to lead into today’s sermon. Today’s sermon was the third in the series “Home Run Life - Living Life by God’s Game Plan.” The title of the sermon was “Win Within.”

God has a plan for our life. Today we looked at first base- Character. With Character we are looking at winning the battle from within. If everyone knew the battles I had within, it would be scary and sad. Thank goodness, that is not the point. We all need to connect more with God on a daily basis. Character, does indeed matter!

Judges 13-16 tells the story of Samson and the “outer power” he possessed. Yet, Samson did not win the battle within. For all of Samson’s strength, Samson also possessed great weakness. Don’t we all have great weakness? While Samson was able to accomplish part of God’s plan for himself, Samson came up short.

In order to “Win Within” I must walk in purity or walk in power (not diluted). So I have to ask myself what is decreasing the power of God in my life. Am I afraid of what God is calling me to do? John 15:5 makes reference to “apart from God I can do nothing.” How do I stay connected? I will connect through reading my Bible, praying, attending church and surrounding myself with other believers. I must also walk through obscurity. I must be self reliant enough to go unnoticed. I must leave my pride at home. Lastly, I must walk out of insecurity. I have to believe and trust that I can do whatever God is asking me to do. God is my strength.

Second Corinthians 12:8-10 referred to Paul’s thorn, his battle. Yet God’s grace was sufficient then and continues to be sufficient now. God’s power works best in our weakest moments.

Lord strengthen me every day and use my weaknesses to glorify you. Amen.

Selena Freeman - September 30, 2018

1st Base - Win Within

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Joe Maxwell

Joe and his wife Susan live in Marshfield along with their daughter Caroline who attends Marshfield High School; they also have two adult children, Brendan (wife Jesica, son Silas), and Kellan (wife Hannah). Joe is a manager at Jack Henry & Associates, and enjoys baseball, genealogy, and walking in his spare time. His favorite bible verse is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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